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What's goin on with the ICOs?

Hello everyone, I'm kind of new in the crypto world, I thought you might give me more useful information about ICOs. I have seen around the web, "ICOs they have raised millions" but I'm not sure whether invest to one of them or not. Anyone have experience with ICOs? who invested before or to which ICO invest these days?


  • My rule of thumb is that there's an existing team, an existing product/service and community and this project is trying to raise money to get to the next level, and that you think such project will be worth something.

    it's crazy how ICOs have raised money, in some cases literally copying and pasting somebody else's paper, or raised money on ideas that are not even possible, be careful.

    Most ICOs out there today are just a landing website with a .pdf and a live countdown for the ICO opening.

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