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FrostWire 1.9.9 build 470 (Nov 21th 2017)


Fixes music player crashes introduced in build 469, sorry.

New jlibtorrent!
Several crash fixes found this week fixed. Several Context Leak (memory leak) cleanups.
A lot of code cleanup as we start migrating the Java7 code to Java8 with lambdas.

FrostWire 1.9.9 build 470 - NOV/21/2017
- App Startup is faster
- Multiple freezes fixed, memory leaks fixed, crashes fixed
- Android Jelly-Bean (<4.4) support dropped, minSdkVersion=19
- Library updates: jlibtorrent, gms 11.6.0, mopub 4.18.0, flexbox 0.3.1, applovin 7.5.0, presage 2.2.2
- Image viewer can now go to next and previous pictures with fling gesture
- Update system refactor, cleanup, updates shown on nav menu
- New Afrikaans translation
- Transfer screen on rotation would not keep last tab selected
- Java 8 usage, gradle 4.3.1
- compileSDKVersion 27, support libraries 27.0.1, kotlin plugin 1.1.51
- Material design dialog update
- TPB domain update

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