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I am unable to download anything from LimeTorrrents and TOrLock. Everything else downloads just fine. I am using windows 10, and FrostWire 6.6.0. Any help?


  • it might be simply that the torrents you're trying to download don't have sources.
    In any case I'll take a look to see if something broke.

    Thanks for reporting this

  • If the torrent has multiple seeds, am I correct in assuming there are sources? Perhaps I misunderstand how this works!


  • Search results coming from third parties might show a number of seeds that might no longer be the case.

    When you start downloading and FrostWire starts to look for peers around that torrent it'll tell you what the actual number of seeds for that torrent is.

    Seeds are sources that have the entire torrent pieces.
    But the moment you start downloading you immediately become a source yourself and you'll be sharing with other whatever pieces you have at the time, so in a way you're a "partial seed"

    Hope that makes sense.

  • That makes a lot of sense, Gubatron. I've ran into this problem too and this explains it. Is there a way of telling how many 'proper' sources a torrent has?

  • Yes, start downloading it with FrostWire and look at the "Peers/Seeds"

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