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FrostWire for Android 1.9.9 build (Nov/10th/2017)

New FrostWire for Android is out!


FrostWire 1.9.9 build 465 - NOV/08/2017
 - App Startup is faster
 - Multiple freezes fixed, memory leaks fixed, crashes fixed
 - Android Jelly-Bean (<4.4) support dropped, minSdkVersion=19
 - Library updates: jlibtorrent, gms 11.6.0, mopub 4.18.0, flexbox 0.3.1, applovin 7.5.0, presage 2.2.2
 - Image viewer can now go to next and previous pictures with fling gesture
 - Update system refactor, cleanup, updates shown on nav menu
 - New Afrikaans translation
 - Transfer screen on rotation would not keep last tab selected
 - Java 8 usage, gradle 4.3
 - compileSDKVersion 27, support libraries 27.0.1, kotlin plugin 1.1.51
 - Material design dialog update

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