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How to transfer

edited October 2017 in Open Discussion
OK Im new here and I dont know what Im doing just yet. I downloaded songs several years ago to my new iphone4 and all was well for a while. Phone issues made me get a new one or refurbished iphone6. I cannot figure out how to download /transfer my songs on my old phone to my newly acquired phone. I have looked at every imaginable place for help and found lots of good ideas but I cant get them to work . So I quit and came here. How do I get my old phone to transfer the song to my new phone?
I am not a computer wizard. Some things I can do some I cant. I a basic user. I can operate a computer and do fairly well but this is something thats beyond me. Just due to the terminology used and what some words mean. So if you can help me please use simple English if possible and maybe I can get this thing licked. Thanks


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