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[ANDROID] FrostWire 1.9.9 build 455 - OCT/13/2017

Binaries and Sources ... -build-455
FrostWire 1.9.9 build 455 - OCT/13/2017
- App Startup is faster
- Multiple freezes fixed, memory leaks fixed, crashes fixed
- Android Jelly-Bean (<4.4) support dropped, minSdkVersion=19
- Library updates: jlibtorrent, gms 11.4.2, mopub 4.17.0, flexbox 0.3.1
- Image viewer can now go to next and previous pictures with fling gesture
- Update system refactor, cleanup, updates shown on nav menu
- New Afrikaans translation

jlibtorrent changelog

* enable full SSL support in libtorrent
* compiling with -fvisibility=hidden and -Os
* using android NDK r16 beta1
* updated to boost 1.65.1
* internal session in SessionManager blocks privileged ports and
only allows 80 and 443 for possible web seeds connections
* lt:make disk_buffer_holder know the size of the buffer it holds, to fix
buffer overrun in chained_buffer
* lt:fix infinite loop when parsing certain invalid magnet links
* lt:don't delete pieces from cache with refcount > 0
* lt:don't try to connect to a global address with a local source address
* lt:fix parsing of torrents with certain invalid filenames
* lt:fix leak of peer_class objects (when setting per-torrent rate limits)
* lt:more strict filename sanitation
* lt:improve handling of case where a torrent file has no files in it
* lt:clean up and fix edge cases in update_path_index
* lt:fix issue with the name in single file torrents being sanitized away
* lt:make the chunk header parser a bit more strict and accurate
* lt:fix integer overflow in torrent_info
* lt:fix windows file preallocation issue
* lt:fix integer overflow in whole_pieces_threshold logic
* lt:DHT nodes should only handle requests on their socket
* lt:bump priority of storage_moved_alert and storage_moved_failed_alert
* lt:deprecate lock_files settings
* lt:fix uTP path MTU discovery issue on windows, DF bit was not set
* lt:select which DHT port to report based on the connection's local
* lt:avoid port mapping of local IPv6 addresses
* lt:include endpoint in tracker alerts
* lt:hold an owning reference to storage objects in try_flush_write_blocks
* lt:read_piece: handle failure to allocate piece buffer
* lt:treat unique local IPv6 addresses as local
* lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability

Friday the 13th, Oct 2017

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