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Massive Cellular Data Usage

Hello everyone,
Support wasn't much help so I am seeing if there are others with the same problem I have.
Last night I had FrostWire consume ~10.5GB of background data over my mobile data connection. I had all of the options selected to have WiFi be the only connection used for downloads but the data was used anyway. Support said that the data could only be used by the video for mobile advertisements and that there was nothing they could do about the $100+ dollar charge I'm getting for the data use last night. They did give me a 30 day trial promo code of the ad free version, but as you might imagine, this only accomplished to mildly irritate me.
I can post up a bit more information if anyone has the same problem or interest in troubleshooting it with me.

My device:
Nexus 5X
[list=5] Android 7.1.2
    vanilla stock build with locked bootloader and unrooted
storage was full
Android 7.1.2
[list=5]FrostWire Basic v1.9.9 build 9010445 sdk 25 jlibtorrent v1.2.0.13-RC2
[list=2]hadn't been run in days
wasn't visibly active in my device notifications [/list] [/list]

Here's what I have done so far:
[list=3]1. saved a debug report and screenshots of versions, settings, and data usage
2. opened a support ticket with FrostWire
3. opened a support ticket with my cellular provider (Google)
4. connected my phone to a network sniffing AP (using Fedora 25 Workstation Live) to log WiFi packets
5. initiated another torrent download [/list]

Unfortunately my limitations are:
[list=4]1. no cellular data packet sniffing capabilities
2. unrooted phone[/list]


  • thank you for the detailed report. I'm going to actively look into this right away.

    Were you by any chance seeding any files?

    Seems SUPER unlikely this has happened unless you were seeding a very large and popular file overnight.

    I've had this same version running on my device with no issues of this nature.
  • In the meantime please give this build a try, it has a ton of updates, many in the bittorrent department.

    1.9.9 build 446 ... -build-446
  • Been testing now for over an hour and I can't replicate such massive data usage.

    The app will be able to receive data if you have a BitTorrent session running with DHT enabled. You can disable both manually and ultimately you can disable all use of mobile data in the background for the app under your Android Settings > Connections > Data Usage at the OS level.

    After a clean install, during an hour, the most background data the app used was 14mb, which was mostly due to the app downloading ads in the background on startup. In comparison to other apps it ranked below the top 20 apps that consumed most background data in my device.

    My guess is that your report is a false positive and it took into account mobile data you consumed while performing actual downloads or seeding. It's very unlikely it would consume even 100Mb overnight in DHT data alone.

    None the less we'll be monitoring network usage under mobile connection only in case this is indeed a real issue.

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