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Version 6.3.2 against current version 6.5.6

I haven't updated frostwire in a long time, but I've noticed that youtube results don't show up anymore in the mp3 results, is this because the program is out of date? I've also noticed that when I go to certain sites, the magnet links don't always work and come up with errors while others don't. Is this because the program is out of date?


  • no, there's still a lot of mp3 results, but those coing from youtube always come in m4a (which is actually a superior format to mp3)

    Magnet links will work depending on network conditions, if the magnet belongs to a torrent that's not well seeded, it will hardly find any peers that will send you its corresponding torrent. We're actively working on smarter filtering solutions, but ultimately we can only forward what the search engines provide and they don't tend to update the seed counts often.

    we're thinking of a couple ways to solve this problem

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