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Problems with 6.5.1

After installing 6.5.1 I no longer get any results from the Extratorrent source.

Also, search for strings like XXXXXX s02 only returns results that contain s02 separated by a delimiter, a blank, a . etc.
Previous installations would return results that contained s02e01, s02e05 etc.


  • Update to the latest release:
  • Caution everyone. Take a look at the post that says download the latest. Note that the URL does not say FROSTwire, the T is missing, but that isn't an error, that is an attempt to sucker the careless and will lead to infection. Someone needs to police this board more carefully. I have found some infections and all seem to come from fraudulent updates of Frostwire. Is there really a 6.5.1? I have reason to believe not, but 6.4.6 indicates an update, but it 6.5.1 is infected.
  • I also have problems with FW 6.5.1 Build 238. No Extratorrent comes up and when I search a item using S01 I only get just items of S01 and no S01e01, S01e02 ...... as it's has done in the past.
  • Bump. Similar problems with last few releases. Cannot download torrents, progress stays frozen on infinity. Search returns also seem skimpy in 6.5.3

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