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New user, some issues, help sought please.


Without any reconfiguration to the Win7pc, uTorrent suddenly stopped working properly a week ago so have started using FrostWire. The issue with uTorrent became that about 10 newly added files were downloading however more newly added files were stuck at "connecting to peers". Before that, everything would download at once.

There was (and remains) no shortage of seeds and peers. After restarting uTorrent the partially completed downloads were also stuck at "connecting to peers". The router has been restarted, as has the pc. uTorrent is now useless. Not even a Linux distro torrent will download. Couldn't find a definitive solution so FrostWire it now is.

FrostWire is configured to seed completed files however it very rarely does and whenever it does, unusually slowly. The seeding of incomplete files situation is somewhat better though the upload is also slow, getting nowhere near the set 200kB/sec combined.

Some partial uploads are often at zero kB/sec upload. It's possible to upload at a maximum of about 220kB/sec with the service provider though that tends to hobble the download rate. Unlimited upload speed does not improve the download speed.

Frostwire is comparatively slow compared to the old program, obtaining only about 20% of the old download rate, at best.
Has some setting been overlooked here?

Last but not as important, sometimes transfers "disappear" under the transfers "All" tab. I know they're "there" as the download speed is not at or near zero. Restarting the program puts it right. Not too commonly encountered but it's happened half a dozen times in a week.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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