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Torrent by torrent folder redirection

Hi guys! I've looked as long as I have time for on the posts and can't find what I'm looking for. So here goes... I have all of my d/l files stored on a separate partition than my OS. On the partition each type of file is meticulously sorted. As I start a torrent d/l I place it into a specific folder based on the content (i.e. Videos/movies; Videos/TV; Music/Genre; Games/Type; etc). This was easy is uTorrent as it allows you to place the d/l'd file where it needs to reside each time, as well as keeps a running history. Is there anyway in FW to be able to accomplish this? I tried going through and experimenting with the library but was unable to figure it out, if it can be done. I am fine with using the root of my data store folder as the designated download area, but I don't want to come back periodically and sort all of the downloaded content. Seems like such a simple feature. I am new to FW and it is VASTLY superior to uTorrent! In fact after using it for a short while, I have dropped uTorrent like a bad habit! This is the only thing I can't figure out. I will stick with FW regardless, but this one thing is particularly annoying given my meticulous nature. :x :) Thanks!

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