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nothing downloading in my queqe

* Your Operating System windows 10
* Your Java Version 1.8.0_102
* Your Internet connection (56K, Cable, DSL) cable
* Your ISP (who you pay for your internet connection) spectrum
* Your country usa
* Are you trying to connect at home and is the connection shared with other apartments etc. or in an office, college, internet cafe or somewhere like that? at home
* Which version of Frostwire do you have (Help>About or, on Mac, Frostwire > About Frostwire) 6.4.6 build 227
* What type of modem and/or router do you have ... Give make and model numbers if you can.
* What security program(s) ...firewall anti-virus, anti spyware do you have installed. AVG
* The exact error message, if one pops up
* Have you used Frostwire or other p2p programs for a while or are you a first time user used before
* Any other relevant information that you think may help im able to search fine but when i go to download nothing
* Try to make your post descriptive, specific, and clear so members can quickly and efficiently help you I have uninstalled and reinstalled frostwire many time and is still not able to download any content and tried to do the same on my android 6.0.1 phone and the same thing there.


  • so it looks like you have the latest version.
    This sounds like a firewall/internet security software issue, please make sure FrostWire is allowed to open and listen to internet connections.
    If your firewall is good, I'd recommend temporarily renaming your ".frostwire5" folder (the one that keeps your preferences) and starting FrostWire to see if the problem goes away, if it does, it means that you have some corrupted state in your settings.

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