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Why does FW download so many FROM my PC ?

I have recently installed the FrostWire 6.4.5 -build 222 version. Because after zillion offers I kept declining my good ol' 5.xx version would not download what I was looking for.

So after giving in and downloaded/installed the 6.4.5 version, when I typed in what I wanted to search for, it listed as "downloading" what I believe are almost all the files I previously downloaded from FW plus the file I wanted. File attached.

In the previous version the view was split between what there was available for downloading on top and the bottom had what was being downloaded to my PC or I was seeding and that was all.

Why is it doing that now ? I couldn't find any options to have the view as I had it with the other version.
Can anybody help ?

Thanks - Martha - a.k.a. BetaOriionis-at-FW
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