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Frostwire 6.4.4 build 215 searches don't download

Windows 10, Firefox latest, Frostwire 6.4.4 build 215. Downloaded FW last night and the problem I got is that of the 10 downloads I'm trying to do nothing is downloading even with more than a 1000 seeds. Looked on the Forum and only found 1 topic on FW 6.4.4 and nothing commented on it.

I shut my computer off over night and when I turned it on and got FW up I waited awhile and still none of the downloads were downloading. I cancelled 1 of the downloads and tried to download it again and still after half an hour nothing downloading. Has 695 seeds which by now should have stated downloading something.

Now I'm at a lose. I suppose I'll have to figure out how to put FW 6.4.3 back on so I can download again..


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