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infection warning

Frostwire downloaded the latest update for me. But when i being to install it, ClamX gives me a warning about an infection.
I include here a screenshot.
The warning is:
' infected with Osx.Malware.Agent-5709815-0'

Please advise.....


  • bump

    Nobody else has encountered this?
  • Yep, I'm having the same problem, too. Just deleted it, trying to find a previous version. Somehow the upgrade made it past the antivirus the first time, but now my computer won't let it continue. Don't want it if it's infected, but really want FrostWire back.
  • I have just seen this again. The last time, i thought somehow it might be because of downloading through the app itself, which is probably nonsense.
    This time i downloaded directly from the website. Same warning.
    It is odd that no one seems bothered by this. I wish a frostwire staff person would reply here.

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