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Frostwire 6.4.3 build 214 constantly searches with no results

I have Windows 10, on Firefox and just downloaded Frostwire 6.4.3 build 214. I did get some results on 1 search, but all the other Searches came up with nothing and the Searching doesn't stop even with the one I got some results on. Now it's been over 15 minutes and none of the Searches have stopped Searching.

I was able to download 2 items and they seemed to be okay (They went where they were supposed to). Still Searching............ I just checked and now I have some results in the other search I was doing, but still not stopped searching. It seems to take a long long long time to get any results and it still keeps searching.

Well that's what's happening here.


  • Update..... After about 45 minutes or so the Searches finally stopped. Later I'll try again to see what happens.
  • Update.... Well today everything seems top be okay. My Search came up with Seeds right away and it didn't search forever. Stopped Searching at a decent time.

    I don't know what was going on yesterday. I'll have to see when I shut down Frostwire and turn it on again if that problem comes back. I'll update if that happens again.

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