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any packet pattern sent from frostwire?

I'm doing some research about how to recognize p2p/torrent packet. Looks like the ones sending and receving by frostwire is special. Is there pattern/signature of packets sending and receiving by frostwire? Any inside information is highly appreciated.


  • we use libtorrent pretty much straight out of the box, you might recognize frostwire traffic by looking at the libtorrent versions, we tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to using the latest libtorrent upgrades.

    we use libtorrent via our open source java library jlibtorrent, you might know frostwire clients if you find your self looking at a torrent created with FrostWire, I believe we put the client name in the torrent metadata, those swarms might have more FrostWire clients than others.

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