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Less Than Quality Music Downloads

edited December 2016 in Open Discussion
I use to use napster when it was free.The library was the best and music download quality was real good. Frostwire is real good too. I'm having trouble with music quality here though. Tell me if I'm doing something wrong or maybe I need to do something else to improve it. If I try to download a song......let's say.....Bruce Springsteens song.......tunnel of love. Frostwire could post 15 or 20 choices for the same song. And If I try to download the song I keep getting crackling,skips or scatchy downloads which keeps me trying for a few hours to get one song or no song at all.........Do you guys hear this complaint often? Or is there a solution? Thanks.


  • Sorry for the delay . You can let frostwire handle your torrent file from a torrent website . So you don't have to limit yourself to using internal search . Hope that helps :wink:

    Cheers Sonic_X

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