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Multiple issues with v. 6.4.1 Build 210

Multiple issues with v. 6.4.1 Build 210, as stated in subject.

This is on Linux Mint 17.2, with openjdk 1.8.0_111 this was an upgrade from version 5, however I did not take note of the exact iteration.

Here are the issues I am experiencing (and any assistance would be helpful)

1. Upon load, there is no resumption of torrents being downloaded. It does appear it will scan an complete them, if it gets to that torrent, however this is not happening well.
2. The settings for max download, global connections, and max peers does not appear to be changeable. While I can go into options>advanced and set these, it does not have an effect even after a restart. What makes this more maddening, is that for some time I was stuck at 15 simo downloads, and the system would not always hold on and finish those torrents before moving on, and then at times it would simply stay on torrents that have no peers to grab from at the moment. Which has led to a large number of partial downloads. Upon restart, the system instead of doing 15, is now doing 18 active downloads. In either case this makes no sense.
3. Upon restart only a few torrents will show up in the transfers tab. Throwing in additional new torrents will cause it to load additional items that should be active.
4. On an inconsistent basis, when a download is completed, removing it from the tab sometimes causes a majority of downloads to disappear from the transfers tab. I have used the same method to 'fix' this as #3.

As stated, any assistance on this would be helpful.


  • awesome error report, thank you so much for taking the time and I apologize for this late response.

    We've done a number of fixes (slowly over the holidays) and we're now ready with a pre-release that should address some of these.

    Stay tuned and in a few hours you should receive an update message when you open FrostWIre.

    If you don't want to wait, you can download the installers on github right now ... -build-214

    Please let us know if any of these issues are gone (some should be gone given our jlibtorrent update)

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