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Abysmally slow download speeds.

I've been trying to download some things over the past few days and it's gone pretty well until today. Now when I try, I get a download speed of 0 KB/s and an infinite download time for a while... Then when it does start up, I get as much as 20 whole KB/s.... a 27MB file is taking 4 hours to download?!

I ran speedtest and it showed I'm getting ~20Mbps down and ~3Mbps up. Converting Mbps to KBps, I should be able to download at a rate of ~2500 KBps?

Now perhaps that's unrealistic due to the speeds of seeders, but I'd think I should get better than 18 KBps down speeds, anyway. The file I'm testing it on is 27MB with 36 seeders, which I managed to download just yesterday in about 30 seconds. No my expected wait is 4 hours. What's going on here?


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