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JLibtorrent and Android Storage Access Framework

edited September 2016 in Open Discussion

Are there any plans to support subj?


  • subj? what is that?

    We do support the Android Storage Access Framework through a Posix Wrapper, you can read it on FrostWire for Android's code base, which uses JLibtorrent.

    If you use the official jlibtorrent binaries previous versions compiled with gcc used `--wrap` so we could interchange the posix file system code from libtorrent and wrap them with our Android Storage Access Framework compatible wrappers.

    But now we switched to clang as the android toolchain is pretty much switching everything to clang, so now all we do is have functions/symbols with the same exact names.

    See here how we wrap, open(), stat(), mkdir(), etc. ... ent.h#L320

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