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Freezes when I try to search

Everytime I try to search an artist it freezes


  • Hi. What FrostWire version and what OS are you using? Update to the latest release of FrostWire!
  • Hi there, we'd love to find out why your FrostWire might be freezing upon search.

    If you run the software in safe-mode (see the safe-mode launcher on your windows start menu inside the frostwire folder), and you paste all the output on the terminal window up to the point where it freezes once you search, it'd be real helpful. It seems this is happening in a subset of computers and we'd like to fix this asap.

    Let us know details about your operating system, and please make sure you're running the latest version of FrostWire available on the official website
  • Hi there, please try this installer and let me know if the search issue is gone.
    This is an internal build for FrostWire 6.3.6, we fixed several issues with search, and lots of changes on the bittorrent engine that may have fixed your freeze ... -build-201

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