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Question About Searches

edited September 2016 in Open Discussion
So, the search engines your program uses are all from 'creative commons or public domain" sources? Also, can anyone tell me why is it so difficult to find public domain or creative commons torrent sites (other than and PDT)? Has the torrent community chosen to dump legal files in the general pool of illegal trackers?


  • aside from, we tap into YouTube and SoundCloud, both have tens of millions of creative commons files, as well as public domain works, which more are added in larger and larger amounts as the copyright on the works becomes part of the public domain every year that passes (as every year we create more content than the last)

    we're also working on ways for you to publish your own content just by seeding the files on your computer, stay tuned for that, and expect a significant amount of user generated content to come to the network.

    as for the torrent sites, we try to use search engines that follow DMCA procedures, also remember copyright laws change from country to country and FrostWire is distributed worldwide, so what may be completely legal in one jurisdiction for personal use, might not be in another.

    If you have any suggestions on more sources that have a significant amount of public domain and creative commons works please let us know

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