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Frostwire now loses my downloading torrents


So I am having a problem I have never had - or seen before.
After downloading the latest Frostwire and installing, a frustrating thing now happens.
I will exit Frostwire and shut down my computer before I retire for the evening.
The next day when I restart my desktop and open the Frostwire Application, my downloading torrents are totally lost.
I mean all of them have disappeared entirely!
There are no visible downloading torrent files listed under the 'transfers' tab - it is empty as if I had yet to open any torrent.

What could be causing this annoying problem.
Each time I open FW, I have to also reload each one of the torrents I have been downloading (about 20).
This also includes files that are 100% complete and theoretically seeding.
What give? :x :x :x


(And thanks)

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