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When i download it goes into my default library ok
but when i try to move it to another folder or file it goes through the motions but the new file/folder is empty


  • are you talking about FrostWire for Android?

    If so, please try this installer (1.7.4 build b252), I believe we've finally fixed issues that sound very similar ... 2-plus.apk

    Here's the list of fixes on this .apk installer
    FrostWire 1.7.4 - MAY/24/2016
     - Issues saving to SD card on multiple devices fixed.
     - New 'Seed' action available on 'My files'. Create and seed
       a torrent of a file or many in one touch.
     - New handpicked file selection on .torrent downloads.
     - Search improvements and refactors.
     - New jlibtorrent
     - Re-engineering and simplification of transfers architecture.
     - Fixes bug where a playlist could not be created out of the
       'More by artist' song list.
     - New horizontal swipe gesture based tab switching for transfers, my files.
     - Improved overscrolling and refreshing interaction on list views.
     - Updated inmobi library to 5.3.0.
     - No more repeated YouTube video search results. Results are now grouped, when
       touched the user can select the video format/quality to download.
     - Dialogs make over. All dialogs have uniform look and re-appear on device rotation.
     - Fixes issue with playlist song drag-n-drop reordering. Thanks @grzesiekrzaca!
     - Improved shutdown.
     - Fixes Torlock search.
     - New Search Engine:
  • gubatron wrote:
    are you talking about FrostWire for Android?

    No i am using a laptop
  • No i am using a laptop
  • If you need to move the files you've downloaded, please make sure you first stop the transfer on the FrostWire transfer's list, otherwise you might throw things into an inconsistent stage. Once the transfer is in "Finished" state, then you can remove it from the list of transfers and then you can move the files.

    Otherwise Frostwire needs the files to continue seeding/downloading.
  • if you want to keep the transfer seeding, you can always COPY the files (not move them)

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