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is it possible to download specifically from YouTube?

Can I download specifically from YouTube or Sound cloud? the Android version on my phone is 6.0


  • Did you try the Frostwire Plus?

  • I have frostwire plus but I don't know how to download from YouTube
  • I have frostwire plus and have no trouble at all downloading music, but the video in the link only mentions that you can download from soundcloud and YouTube, not how to do it
  • try pasting the youtube URL on the search box, you will get the YouTube related search results (as each youtube URL has multiple possibilities to back up your video in different qualities and formats)

    Then pick the quality and format you want to download from the results and click to download as usual.

    To make sure you are downloading the right file you can click on the preview button.
  • paste the url on the search box on FrostWire :)
  • Here is in the how to downloads from on the Youtube.


    The common way of using the free YouTube downloader: open "any url sites" and enter the URL address of the webpage you want to download from into the field on the top of the page. Click the "Download" button on the right and you will get the list containing all available links. Choose a format and download.

    Or, You can go ahead and Watch on the Youtube Videos Tuturing so that you can do it...

    If you have any question or concern? Ask me or Private messages me on here...

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