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Transferring Files to a different computer

edited March 2016 in Chat Room Help
Does anyone know how to transfer an existing frostwire torrent data file to another computer also running frostwire and have the movies in the library of the #1 computer still show up in the search box of the #2 computer. I know how to transfer the torrent data file but can't get them to show up in the search "download file" on #2 machine.


  • It is vitally important that you do not alter any of the data that you have in the torrent data file .. even the title.

    That being said, I am not quite sure what it is you are trying to do. Are these completed torrent downloads which you wish to seed, or are they incomplete and you wish to complete downloading them on #2 machine.

    It may help to say that you should add the torrent data files to the Frostwire Torrent Data folder when Frostwire is CLOSED, and THEN you MUST open the relevant .torrent file in Frostwire on the #2 machine. Frostwire SHOULD then start checking the existing data which takes a while and once checked you will be fine.

    I hope that helps.

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