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FrostWire chat moving to

Hopefully during this weekend I'll be able to setup a mechanism to request and retrieve invitations to

In the meantime feel free to request your invite so you get there before everyone else once this signup mechanism has been made available at


  • what i want to know is should i kill my trillian ice chat connection and delete ALL info to connrct
    or will it be back 6667
    i dont want kill it pre maturly and jump gun
    or are we still going going to uae it
  • ok thx should i kill my connections in my mirc ichat it constantly nags it cant connect

    are services gone what do i do

    also where do people go in when running frostwire is there a help room in FROSTWIRE interface
  • ok the ice chat isnt auto connect trillian is


    NEXT how do ppl get support if there is NO support room
    is there a place to go

    i keep deeing this on top link able to connect

    Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

    Report this error ▼

    Reporting the address and certificate information for will help us identify and block malicious sites. Thanks for helping create a safer web!

    Automatically report errors in the future

    also should we say traffic light server thing is closed
  • how i sign up here

    all i see is EMAIL

    To start using Slack, you'll need to be invited by your team administrator.

    Trying to create a team? Sign up on the home page to get started.
    ok so what do i do to be invited
  • working on it.

    You will have a form that will let you enter your email, and a piece of software will automatically grant you access.

    We already have a #support room there, and for the past year we've been taking on a lot of support tickets at
    Tickets there come from all different social networks, or from direct traffic coming from the client.

    The chatroom will be another way to let the community help.

    I'm currently concerned with setting up a bot that will welcome people in and give them the rules of the road.

    Slack also allows for people to upload files, I've yet to see if there's a way to disable this feature, don't want anybody getting in trouble.

    Maybe people here will be a bit more civil as everyone that participates will have to be registered from day 0.

    I'm hoping to get the signup process done by today if no issues arise.
  • I'll need an email from you if you want to get in coot, please send me your email address via PM.
  • ok did
    im assuming i should take out my connections out my irc clients?

    what about chat in FW
    i put put closing for now on traffic light/moving
  • Closing, moving to Slack (coming very soon)
  • killed
    what about help INSIDE FW itself
  • Help is currently available here and in the help tab at and in other places. I am assuming that when the new chat is set up, a support channel will be set up on there but be patient and see how it all works out once it is up and running.

    All will no doubt be clearer then. :)
  • how we get there i click the link and all but it is not working
  • how we get there on irc and all? because the invite link don't work at all.
  • gubatron [9:04 AM]
    I’ll put some sort of re-starting in place with that invite service

    I had to manually restart it, not sure why it crashed.

    try now
  • w guys WE DO support IRC Jabbe/xmpp r connections please ask get desktop client here

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