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Crash on 6.1.8 build 169 fixed - 6.1.8 build 170 available.

Monday Dec. 14th 2015

If you made a fresh install of FrostWire 6.1.8 build 169 you must have experienced a nasty crash on start. Users upgrading from previous versions were not affected by the bug.

The crash has been fixed and you can download FrostWire 6.1.8 build 170 from our website, or

The crash was caused due to a patch sent with a wrong check on the "library_db" unexistant folder. Now FrostWire makes sure the folder exists prior to making the check.


  • I just downloaded the latest .deb here and I am getting
    Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: lib32gcc1 >=1:4.1.1

    I am running lubuntu 15.10 i386

    if I read correctly I have 1:5.2.1 I read that as greater than or equal to
  • can you try installing gcc4?

    Yeah, the error is telling you that you have a library that's greater than the one supported.
  • These are the ones I have installed:
    $ dpkg -l | grep libgcc
    ii libgcc-4.7-dev:amd64 4.7.4-3ubuntu2 amd64 GCC support library (development files)
    ii libgcc-4.8-dev:amd64 4.8.4-1ubuntu15 amd64 GCC support library (development files)
    ii libgcc-4.9-dev:amd64 4.9.2-10ubuntu13 amd64 GCC support library (development files)
    ii libgcc1:amd64 1:5.1~rc1-0ubuntu1.1 amd64 GCC support library
    ii libgcc1:i386 1:5.1~rc1-0ubuntu1.1 i386 GCC support library
  • I'll forward this to the person that builds those binaries, maybe he can help.
  • So I was testing today on a Linux Mint because an user on that distro was having problems and I encountered the same issue. My conclusion was that the packages missing were not to be found because of the .deb sources specified in /etc/apt/sources.list

    I proceeded to generate a sources.list file with a web utility I always use, but this wasn't enough to find such libgcc packages.

    The final solution after I lost my patience was to simply download the frostwire .tar.gz installer on the FrostWire website and do this:
    $ tar xvfz frostwire-6.1.8.noarch.tar.gz
    $ cd frostwire-6.1.8.noarch
    $ ./frostwire

    Problem solved, it runs as long as you have Java installed, I was able to run it with both Java 1.7.0_79 and with 1.8.0_65

    In the meantime I'll keep investigating how to solve that weird dependency issue.

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