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No Matches With Search in New Update

edited December 2015 in Chat Room Help
I downloaded the latest version of Frostwire and when I go to search for a song, there are no exact matches. Example, I first go to youtube to get the exact title of the song I want then paste it into Frostwire to find it and it's not there. I've tried using the videos url as well and nothing works. Other files with similar words pop up but its not the video/song I want.

I've even searched songs i know i've downloaded from Frostwire before and no, no matches pop up, just various files that may have a common word in the title.
Sadly I'm stuck using Windows 10. I don't know if thats the issue or what. I've tried finding similar threads but I havent found any. Once again, I have the lastest version. I've restarted my computer, along with other random things that i could think of to fix it.


  • It always is good to check what search engines you have enabled under options.
    Depending on your geographic location, engines may be blocked by your isp or government.
    If that is the case. a VPN would help.
    There really isnt enough information to go on here, such as FW release and if this started happening after an update.
    Version six of FrostWire has been plagued by many problems on various machines and operating systems. If is works, it works, and if it doesn't, there seems to be no pattern, and about the only thing you can do is drop back to the last version that worked for you and wait for the next release. When it comes out, give it a shot. It may have solved the problem.
    Check out this link for drop back instructions.

    Don't hesitate to check out my help pages.

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