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Use anonymous proxy with Frostwire

Ive been trying to use 1 of the free available proxys now for weeks. Search out a publix server in another county, sort them by Anonymous Level and Speed, so far so good. It went a little too good for me, what made me really suspicious, no matter what proxy i wrote in frostwire to use, the downloadrate was always amazing. My Provider allows me 16Mbit, which results in a 2MB/s downloadrate and thats exactly the rate i was able to achieve with a proxy, with ANY proxy.

So i was starting to thin, is Frostwire really using a proxy or is it bypassing it? If the proxy connection doesnt work somehow or i made a mistake with its setup, why is frostwire just bypassing it and downloading over my regular IP? It should stop the download here and not putting someone into danger without even letting him know what happens. Really pissed me off a little^^

So i checked the proxy data a few times, i made sure it was the right proxy with right protocol and port. I tried with DHT and without DHT.

I loaded down Utorrent, just to see what Utorrent does when i setup a proxy. UTorrent seems to do it right because suddenly my downloadrate sunk down to a very slow rate, it stopped and started, many proxys didnt even start to download. But thats better than starting the download over my IP and pretending its using a proxy.

I also started this torrent IP-check with the IPmagnet tool with following result:

When downloading without a proxy, Frostwire is showing me my regular IP.
When i setup a proxy, the tool is showing me nothing...its not showing me ANY IP at all, no my own and not the proxy IP either.

When i open the taskmanager-Ressourcemonitor-Network and filter it for "Frostwire", its looking least i think so. In the TCP-Connection Section i can see following:(After setting up a proxy and starting a download)

A few dozen IPs, on the left i can see my own IP "LOcal Adresse" and on the right side, under "Remoteaddresse" there is the IP Number of the basicly there are a lot of connections between my own IP and the proxys IP.

But like i said, i dont think its really donwloading over a proxy, its just not possible that its working as good as over my own IP, not only that, its working with almost ANY proxy, download is starting very fast, that would just be to good to be true. Yes, ofc i tried to use the better, faster servers with good transfer rates. Still its just not possible and like i said, under UTorrent its really a mess to get a good download with proxy, i think i wouldnt even try to download a big torrent under this miserable conditions.

So can someone tell me whats going on with frostwire and how i can make sure its using the proxy? There are not much settings on frostwire, i disabled DHT and selected proxy, port and HTTP/socks, thats it, theres not much more you can put on or off in frostwire :(

Thx and greetings from germany.


  • I have never been a fan of proxies, especially "free" ones, which are usually just mis configured proxies that have no intent of being free. If they log, and are approached, they could reveal your IP, though I don't know what the odds are that they actually log.

    However, having said that, the only thing you didn't mention that you do is configure the network interface.

    Personally, I recommend a VPN, and Privateinternetaccess, which advertises here, if one of the better and cost effective ones available. A VPN does give you a lot more control AND security than a proxy. Check out my help pages and read up on them. I do provide some interesting links.

    All VPN services are NOT the same. If you want identity anonymity, you should only use one that CANNOT reveal your identity, otherwise a court order can leave you revealed!
  • sorry, but i really dont wanna discuss the sense of a VPN. Thats just another topic. Before you wanna choose something you want to understand it. Right atm i wanna understand this proxy. I want to understand why Frostwire obviosly is bypassing the proxy, which it shouldnt do. What do you mean with network interface? YOu mean how i configured the network settings in the control panel? At the moment i am not touching them. I think, i already tried to write the same proxy settings in selected in the frostwire settings in the network options, with no result. But, as far as i know, that shouldnt make a difference, anyway. Because frostwire uses its own proxy, like the browser does. (if i use a proxy, which is implimented in the browser, with a tool, for example)

    Maybe i missed some kind of setting in the control panel-network settings? A lot of this settings dont mean anything, to me :(...but i have seen a few guides for setting up the proxy in Frostwire and i have done exact the same thing. LIke i said, for the case i missed something, i would prefer Frostwire to not download at all instead of bypassing it over my regular IP. :|

    I undersdtand that a VPN offers more security...its just that i dont need much Security on a regular basis...for 99% of my hobbys i am fine with my normal connection which is fast and stable. Its maybe a couple of times per year that i use frostwire. Just wanna add the maximum amount of security in this cases. Already i am using PeerBlock. As far as i understand Peerblock in combination with a proxy in another country would be a good thing for someone who is a very light user anyway.

    edit: with "Network Interface", did you mean the setting in frostwire? Sorry, i am slow sometimes, need to look for the translation in german. There is a page "Network Interface" in frostwire, i can click on "Choose a special Network Adapter", but there is only 1 choice, namely my regular Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller...there are about 15 LInes, "WAN MINIPORT XY" "MIcrosoft Turedo Tunneling Adapter" and so on...but i cannot check or uncheck them :(
  • After reading how insecure proxies, especially free proxies are, especially if you want anonymity with FW, I dropped the proxy issue.

    Since I stopped following them years ago, what I do remember is rudimentary, so I can't help you.
  • No problem, thank you, maybe someone will join.
  • ok, as i am waiting anyway, which VPN Service would you choose? Just in case i will try it in future. Is it necessary to make them know my bank-account data? Or can you pay with something anonymous like paysafe card?
  • mannitu wrote:
    ok, as i am waiting anyway, which VPN Service would you choose? Just in case i will try it in future. Is it necessary to make them know my bank-account data? Or can you pay with something anonymous like paysafe card?
    Long before privateinternetaccess advertised on this board, I was using them. They use a shared IP system and do no logging, so it is impossible to reveal anything about your connection. They have various payment methods, including amazon gift cards, I think! Their payment methodology separates payment data from your actual account. The link at the top of this page is easy access to the site.

    Check them out and read some of the reviews pointed to in my help pages.
  • look good, 7 dollar and i can pay for 1 month only, dont need to pay 6 month....

    to the proxy again, maybe i need to choose a socks 4 oder socks 5 proxy? I used HTTP proxys always before and now with a socks 4 seems to run...different. Cant tell if good, but the download is still walking in the dark^^
  • mannitu wrote:
    look good, 7 dollar and i can pay for 1 month only, dont need to pay 6 month....

    to the proxy again, maybe i need to choose a socks 4 oder socks 5 proxy? I used HTTP proxys always before and now with a socks 4 seems to run...different. Cant tell if good, but the download is still walking in the dark^^
    I go by the year. I like the three dollar a month price.

    As for proxy, I guess you have to try until you find a combination that works. If you purchase a proxy, you'd have the necessary data to set it up. In many cases you do get what you pay for.... I know, not always. However, with PIA you do get a highly functional product.
  • ok, seems like PIA doesnt accept paysafe card...i will have to buy an Amazon Card for 25eu. Hopefully i can spend the remaining 18 eu for something useful after paying only 7 Dollars for 1 month. Just want to try it out. Amazon Cards seem not to be available as 10eu?

    btw, did you check out "Tribler"? Thats a P2P network that provides anony.....seems to work like speed seems to be low...but who cares, if you dont have to worry bout nothing, you can just leave this thing working 24/7...i couldnt find anything bad about tribler so far. Seems no one using this thing has been "Busted" so far for anything. Only thing strange for me is that a university launched this we have a university opening doors to copyright violation. Interesting.
  • I have not tried Tribler, but, in today's world anonymity is so important! There is another one called soulseek that is a totally different model. Using PIA VPN, going through Romania with FrostWire, I've achieved the highest transfer rates. Many of my transfers exceed a gig, so speed is important for those items. Back in the bad old days, I had a transfer take a month! That would probably only take a couple of hours now. With the connection I just mentioned, I often max out my my cable speed.

    However, downloading or not, I have my PIA VPN on. One thing it does is prevent my computer from acting as a server, so NO unsolicited input is possible. That is an effect of the shared IP allocation. That is one reason that I keep it up 24/7.
  • ok, 1 more question about do i set it up with frostwire?

    I already checked my network setup in windows, there is a tab "setup a VPN", so it should be no proble to implant this thing in this all i have to do or do i have to set it up in Frostwire as well? What do i have to do? I dont want to end in the same mess again.

    i want to make sure that EVERYTHING i do goes through this new VPN and leave no way to bypass it. :shock:
  • mannitu wrote:
    ok, 1 more question about do i set it up with frostwire?

    I already checked my network setup in windows, there is a tab "setup a VPN", so it should be no proble to implant this thing in this all i have to do or do i have to set it up in Frostwire as well? What do i have to do? I dont want to end in the same mess again.

    i want to make sure that EVERYTHING i do goes through this new VPN and leave no way to bypass it. :shock:
    There is essentially NO setup with windows of any application software. On the install, you will enter your user name and password. They are persistent. Once you have the flower on the task area, you right button it and select what you want to do from the menu. Unless you are modifying the setting, that will usually be connect, selecting a connection point or disconnecting.

    PIA traps all network activity and routes it through a PIA server with an encrypted stream. Anyone sniffing your traffic will seen encrypted data going to PIA. Anyone receiving the clear data will only know that it came from a PIA node, unless you supply identifying information such as an id or password.

    Now, browsers have fingerprints that, if someone works hard enough, can be connected to you, but that is a monumental effort. You can change the browser fingerprint by adding or removing addons. If you want almost total anonymity in your browser, keep one that is only used through the VPN. That way, there will be no track back to your home IP. Firefox portable would be a good choice for that.

    I have used the Tor browser through the VPN and that works great.
  • Ok, 1 last thing, hope that doesnt annoy you, but i think im gonna switch to another VPN. After reading myself 90min through all payment options, i think im gonny pick up a VPN that i can pay with paysafecard. Not only is paysafecard fast, works instantly, its also 100% anonymous. I know there are also other options on PIA like Bitcoins, but its too complicated for me. Especially, if you want to try it for just 1 month. I can buy a paysafecard in a shop only 100m away, so im gonna go this easy way.

    There are VPNs you can pay with paysafecard. maybe you can take a look for me or already know one? :)
    It should be good for torrents, i mean no download bandwith and not too slow.


    edit: Torguard looks good to far as i can see as a noob^^

    I wonder why they ask for your address...most of them seem to ask for your address. Can you enter a fantasy address or will you really need to be honest about it?
  • What VPN you choose is up to you! I would check the torrent freak reviews on it to may sure it is truly anonymous. So many of them ARE NOT! Hide My Ass is the poster child for not anonymous!

  • yeah i heard that hide my ass is not very popular, there was something going on with handling IPs to the US government...i think i will give Tor Guard a try...what do you think? They offer VPN or a Tor Guard proxy which is especially for P2P...but i think if i buy the VPN i dont need a special P2P-Proxy-Product anymore, right? And you can pay them with paysafecard which is good.
  • I DO not care for proxies.
    I DO like solid VPNs.
  • ok, ive setup Tor Guard VPN now... :)

    looks good to me so far, speed is also good. Actuall, my downloadspeed sunk from 17Mbit to 16Mbit, but upload increased from 1Mbit to almost 4 Mbit^^
    At least for this server in the netherlands which i chose, its marked as "Bittorrent optimized"... :lol:
    I think im fine now with VPN+ using Tribler these 2 things should multiply each other to a solid layer of safety...Finally i can stop beeing an ashole and limit my upload to a ridicolous amount^^
  • Knowing that I'm secure with PIA, I normally let my upload rate go as high as it want's to go.

    With FrostWire, once the download completes, with PIA, seeding rate seems to diminish. I suspect that is because the lack of server capability.
  • On a good day, I can hit 24Mbit, but not every day is good. 16Mbit is more typical.
  • think i save a lot of work now, this proxy-picking ant testing was really ruining my nerve.

    Tribler seems to be very interesting as well. Didnt know there is such an effective tool for free. Still i never heard of it before...strange. I fell over it be reading in wikipedia.

    i also heard some people can write in frostwire and manipulate in in the way they dont upload a single they have literally no risk.

    For me i think i am happy now: :)
    Still a lot of confusing settings, but i like what i see in the taskmanager/Ressourcemonitor so far...or lets see what i dont IP.
  • Proxy VS VPN.
    A proxy is only a service that hands off your local computer ID to appear at different Location. For example, if a USA Computer User wanted to watch free BBC TV from the USA, they would be blocked because of your IP address origin is USA based. That is an easy fix. Simply look for FREE Proxy from UK and your computer will appear to be in the UK.
    Another Example. China scans all of its contents. When in the borders of China, You can not search Tienanmen square
    without eventually getting a knock at your door. Additionally no results will be returned from the search.
    Yes, China has a really tight control of the internet.
    A proxy can take your local IP, and make your local computer look like it is a in a different place. But, your ip is still there and little effort is needed to inspect the data packets to determine the origin. Additionally, your data packets have the contents of your payload "File Sharing" that can be examined easily by your ISP.
    A program called Ultrasurf was developed and paid for by the USA to help Chinese circumvent government filtering. It is a Proxy.
    A VPN is differen. VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network". That means your are running a network inside a network. Think of a Sewer pipe. The Provider, such as Comcast, AT&T etc. is the Sewer pipe. All data flows down that HUGE pipe. A vpn would be a smaller pipe inside that large pipe. A Network inside a network. A VPN will at the client "your computer" encrypt the data packets and wrap them in the VPNs IP/MAC address. The DATA Payload is encrypted. When the Data Payload arrives at the VPN, the encapsulation is removed and your data is sent to its destination. This way, your specific computer is basically protected. If the government is suspicious, they can capture VPN traffic and de-crypt the packets and read them.
    There are not very many encryption techniques which the government can not de-crypt. One of the Few Encryption options, open source, the government could not crack was Truecrypt. It was harassed by the government and has stopped development. TrueCrypt was not for encrypting internet traffic, it was for securing your computer. This is a very simple description in an attempt to help even a novice understand a little about Proxy VS VPN. Nothing is 100% secure. However, the most secure is the "DARK NET" I won't get into that because it is mostly used for nefarious purposes. There is a new option to help secure your traffic. It is based on the "TOR" network a project developed by the US Government to protect Navy Seal communication. Tor Technology has since gone public. Now,a file sharing program is piggy backing on TOR and the Dark Net and keeping your activity more secure. I say more because it at this point is designed to protect the casual IT engineer from examining your traffic and learning the content. It is NOT capable of extremely effective tools the Government has at its resources. The P2P is called Tribler. The developers say, as the product matures, and users support Tribler, the security will get better. It is not extremely fast. But, it seems this currently, it is by far, arguably, the most secure P2P client at this time, 2016. It even shows a map of your traffic and shows the internet and the dark net. This is for Educational and informational purposes only, and is in no way suggesting, promoting, or encouraging any product or the sharing files that are protected by law and/or copyright.
  • I tend to only use a VPN for frostwire as I want to be able to pick and choose the connection protocol I'm connecting with, OpenVPN seems to run the smoothest for getting a bunch of MP3's but it's worth picking a service like perhaps ExpressVPN or PIA to get the most out of the bandwidth.
  • It is already suggested on Tribler home page that they does not provide safety layer to your client. Proxies tend to leak your Internet traffic that’s the reason they are not effective as VPN software. VPN protects your data through 256-bit AES encryption with various secure protocols. I trust ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access because these two are more effective than Tor guard. More important to take the guidance of best VPN for torrenting, P2P file sharing for better decisions.
  • I'd go with Peter and Jim here. Proxies can help you get another IP but that doesn't help much. A VPN on the other hand, can help you encrypt your data so it gets tougher to see through. If your need is to just unblock some site or application, then even a proxy would do it but if not, you need a VPN for torrenting and everything along the lines.

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