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Where can I find secure source to hide my online identity?

edited September 2017 in Open Discussion
I am interested to know a secure source to hide my online identity. I know that vpn may helps in this case. Is this really true? If true then which one you use usually guys?

Please reply and let me know!


  • Nitol2255 wrote:
    I am interested to know a secure source to hide my online identity. I know that vpn may helps in this case. Is this really true? If true then which one you use usually guys?

    Please reply and let me know!
    This is a rather complex issue. The question is just how secure to you want your identity to be? If you want to be able to download safely, a non logging, VPN that cannot report on your activity is sufficient. I use private internet access, which advertises on this forum. I used them before they were an advertiser, so I really do think they are good. Read my help pages to find a lot more information of identity security.

    Now, it you want to be able to access the net and have NO ONE ever be able to connect your computer to you and your location, it's more complex. When you start your VPN, you do have an IP that cannot be connected to your identity, but if you go to a site that requires you to log in with an ID and password, and that log in has a "real" email address that is associated with your location, that can be used to identify you. It would take that site giving up your data, but with a court order they would have to do just that.

    If you want to access sites that require an email address, you need to get an email service that you establish while on the VPN. There are several that will allow sign up without an alternate email address. You get one of those and you use it to get an account, while on the VPN, for use with the VPN.

    The thing you have to remember, and the really hard part is that you cannot never access a site that you want to be secure without enabling your VPN. If you do, you real IP will be logged and can be connected back to you. You must keep your anonymous account anonymous. Just one mistake and it's corrupted. A simple error has taken down several people that should have known better. Just one mistake, and your anonymity can be broken with the right tools.

    Basically, if you run your VPN 24/7 and never use the wrong email address, you're probably good to go. You can have personal email that points to you and you can access it while on the VPN. What you have to be aware of is whether the account you are accessing is anonymous or clear, and to use the proper email box accordingly. offers secure email. Check them out if you want a secure email box.

    If you want secure browsing without using a vpn, Tor is a good way to go. It does slow you down, but it is very secure. You can use Tor with a VPN for enhanced security, but one thing you should never do is to try do any really large download or P2P processing on Tor. It is not designed for that sort of volume. It is meant for secure communication, not huge downloads and they can totally slow down the entire network.

    This only scratches the surface of internet anonymity, but it's start. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. This is a subject near and dear to my heart!
  • Frostwire team recommends express Vpn

  • Hi all,
    We all want to browse internet and download our favorite stuff like videos,songs,games,music,movies,images, and much more safely and securely these days and protect our computers,smartphones and tablets from being attacked and harmed by viruses, hackers and spammers. The best solution for all such problems is VPN. I have been using VPN for many years now and I feel much more security and successfully hide my online identity and access many sites and download a lot of stuff without being in notice by ISP.
  • 2 things

    2. Make sure your firewall and router is configured well

  • A vpn is the easiest solution i guess at the moment.
  • graceinc wrote:
    A vpn is the easiest solution i guess at the moment.

    100's of available vpns we have today! Use any of them for protecting yourself online.
  • Use a VPN , i am sure your aren't hearing this for the first time, so my recommendations, invest into a VPN that is paid service, keeps no logs, have military grade encryption, has internet kill switch feature, supports P2P Connections with fast servers also best for streaming and has multi login.
  • I think VPN is the best way to Anonymous and also you can get secure source by google or browser add-ons in free and with the help of VPN Protect Your Online Privacy it is best sources for anonymous.
  • I second the fact that VPN is the best way to be anonymous in the digital world, but not all the VPNs can protect your anonymity and privacy and at times reduce your internet speed. when I started using a VPN, I faced the same issue about anonymity and internet speed. Upon searching I got to know the fastest VPN that actually helped me protecting my anonymity without compromising my surfing speed.

  • I believe VPN is the only available solution. But keep in mind some vpn keep data logs and provide to law enforcement or courts on demand.

  • Hide my a$$ . Avoid them

  • VPN is the best solution

  • Yes OP that's true and I have been using NordVPN for the past 2 years and it has never let me dow. Nord doesn't keep logs or leak IP address. I would suggest before you make a decision, read about Top VPN providers to learn how they differ from each other. If you have any further questions.

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