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NEWBIE Cannot open file for Frostwire Plus app

Hi all! Please be patient with me. Very new to Frostwire and to torrents. I downloaded Frostwire to get some music but I see that I need to download the plus version because of the youtube rights. So, I went to my Galaxy S5 browser and went to the web address that is listed to go to and clicked on "Get the APK" because that is what it appears to me to click on, downloaded it and try to open it and my phone says "cannot open file". I dont even know if I am doing it right. Anyone help?


  • Hi klcog83

    Google have made it a trifle harder since that article was published.

    I use the UC Browser available from the Play Store. I find that the standard browser gives the cannot open file message.

    Using UC Visit Tap Get The APK. Tap on Download wait until a message comes up and quickly click install. Complete action using Package installer > Just once. You will then get a message: Install Blocked - Tap settings and scroll down to Unknown Sources and check the box. Check allow initial installation only (for your safety, so you do not inadvertently download malicious apps in future) click OK. Then tap install - not sure if it matters if you choose New or All btw.

    It is a slight pain . Google don't like you getting non Play Store apps but useful for any app they do not have, and I find UC a cool browser anyway.

    I hope this helped.

    PS I am not sure how this install will be affected when a new release of the basic Frostwire is released, as mine seems to update automatically with, I assume, the basic version ... just a thought...
  • Awesome, done. Thank you ever so much :)
  • You are welcome. Thanks for the feedback.

    Note that if you use Frostwire Plus, it will not auto update. Users will be notified of a new installer and given the option to update.
  • I have a scapple project file that I cant open anymore. Upon trying to open get this: cant open project file: error occurred parsing element. Does anyone know the solution around this?

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