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Frostwire without bundles Java on OS X


Can you make a version of Frostwire that requires a SystemWide Java 7/8 instead of Java 6 and instead of bundling Java 7 inside the

I need to have Java 8 installed, so it would be nice the Apps use this Java to.


  • As i didn't get a reply yet, i went on doing some testing on my own. These are my conclusions.

    I opened the App Bundle, look for the Java JRE which is in the Plugins folder, remove it.
    I hoped it would now use the Systemwide Java, installed as an Internet Plugin by the Installer from Oracle.

    It wasn't working, but at Oracle you can Download 2 versions of the JRE.
    a DMG, which installs the Internet Plugin that comes with a Control Panel & Updates itself
    a GZ, Which you need to install yourself in the Library/java/...

    I installed this JRE in the Frostwire App Bundle Plugins folder, replacing the original JRE.
    However this will need to be redone for each Java Update.

    It would be nice that Frostwire use Java the same way as Vuze & that it adds a small Application or script to remove Java from the Application Bundle if Java is Systemwide installed or make a 2nd DMG with Frostwire without a JRE.
  • I don't use OSX, but I do remember when and why the change was made to bundle java with the install. The purpose was to give the developers control over java. There had been so many errors in the released java that it was becoming difficult to determine if an error was FW or Java. When it is java, FW had to sit and wait for a released correction.

    Bundling java with FW solved that problem.

    Sadly, nothing is perfect!

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