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YouTube search issues solved, please upgrade to 6.0.5/1.4.4

FrostWire for Desktop 6.0.5 build 1 (Windows, Mac, Linux) and FrostWire for Android 1.4.4 build 169 both solve issues with YouTube search.

You will notice however less audio search results for YouTube than video search results. This is because we're only returning DASH related audio search results.

In the meantime, on desktop, if you want the audio from a Video search result from YouTube, you can download the Video, and then on the library you can right click on the file and use the "Extract Audio" feature.

On Windows there's still one issue which was holding back the release, and we couldn't wait much longer so we'll include the fix on the next release. Our mplayer binary for windows still does not support https stream urls, we managed to build no problem for MacOSX. This means, Windows users can't preview audio search results from YouTube, and they'll have to go to the source page if they want a preview of the download. We're working around the clock to build a new mplayer.exe, we hope to have it for 6.0.6 along with many other fixes.


  • NON FUNZIONA!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Particolari in inglese per favore
  • We're working on a way to get those search results faster than how they're coming in now.
    Maybe he's timing out as the dash processing/parsing seems to be taking too long. But YT search results are available.

    Working on it... Top priority.
  • FrostWire Version 6.5 when I loaded and went to restart it boot up the desktop. Took in and was informed that the new version somehow corrupted my registry, I had to format and reload windows. I was going to reload when I notice someone else posted on FrostWire Facebook page stating they also had the same problem. It seems that 6.05 has some BUGS. Not even sure if I want to download and older version of the program. Definitely will not donate anymore
  • not sure how what you describe is possible as we haven't done anything different in our installation process.
    Sounds like what happened to your computer's registry is probably due to some other software you may have installed around the same time you upgraded FrostWire.

    As for bugs, the software will always have bugs, software is never finished. Sorry you feel this way and that you won't be donating anymore, we work our very best and always release knowing that the current version is better than the last. I'm truly convinced that whatever issues you may have had were unrelated to FrostWire, you can see all the code changes we did on our github repository, we were just fixing search related issues that have nothing to do with your operating system.
  • Does anyone have any idea when the next update will be out? My Frostwire isn't even showing video results for youtube and it's quite irritating.
  • I'll prepare a build today, I think we have enough fixes for a new release 6.0.6, we added some upgrades to YT search that'll make downloads faster.

    Here's the changelog for 6.0.6 so far, I'll be doing a few rounds over my notes and see if there isn't anything else pressing that needs to be included.
    frostwire (6.0.6) stable; urgency=high
      * Fixes bug where default save location for torrents would not be accounted for.
      * New: When changing default save location, any ongoing torrent transfers are
        moved to the new location.
      * Romanian and Finnish translation updates.
      * New: Option	to turn	off Bittorrent DHT.
      * YT search upgrades.
      * OSX: When shutting down to start the installer for an update
        now the window is focused to make sure doesn't get lost during the
        update process.
     -- FrostWire Team <>  Thu, 12 February 2015 19:03:55 -0500
  • Dear jazzyinreverse, a binary is now available for Windows and Mac on the FrostWire website.
    Once we make sure it's stable we'll go ahead and push out a full release.

    Thanks for caring, let us know how it goes.

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