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New FrostWire for Android 1.4.0 build 151 - staged roll out

Just wanted to let everyone know the next generation of FrostWire for Android is now being rolled out to 10% of our Play Store users right now as we monitor for stability.

We're pretty excited about this release because it lowers the barrier of entry to older/less powerful Android devices, and more people will be able to enjoy access to uncensored and free information online worldwide.

Here's the changelog for those of you interested in the technical improvements achieved in this release.
FrostWire 1.4.0 - NOVEMBER/08/2014
 - Replaced Vuze Bittorrent engine for frostwire-jlibtorrent,
   a java wrapper to the native libtorrent BitTorrent library.
 - Peak memory usage dropped 50% when searching.
 - Peak memory usage dropped 16% when downloading torrents.
 - Number of threads dropped 41% when searching.
 - Number of threads dropped 60% when downloading torrents.
 - Peak CPU usage dropped 66% when searching.
 - Peak CPU usage dropped 44% when downloading torrents.
 - Got rid of over 2,000 classes.
 - New Shutdown feature, stops all services and activities,
   FrostWire process ends gracefully.
 - Upgraded Picasso library to 2.4.0.
 - More responsive and stable torrent state handling experience.
 - Torrent downloads start faster.
 - Torrent downloads connect to more peers.
 - Updated German translation.
 - Updated Croatian translation.
 - Updated Polish translation.
 - Updated Spanish translation.
 - Updated Russian translation.
 - Gets rid of Transcommu.
 - Project is now built using gradle script.
 - Updated Preferences screen BitTorrent connection status button.
 - Fixes severe startup crash on Samsung Galaxy Mini devices.
 - Multiple bug fixes and crashes.

FrostWire 1.3.8 - SEPTEMBER/18/2014
 - Fixes issue where FrostWire would think a Wi-Fi shared file belonged 
   to a removed SD card.

FrostWire 1.3.7 - AUGUST/23/2014
 - Japanese translation update. Thank you @naofum!
 - Fixes on cloud search/download.

FrostWire 1.3.6 - AUGUST/12/2014
 - Improved cloud search results.
 - Transcommu community based translation tool integrated.
 - Chinese translation update.

FrostWire 1.3.5 - AUGUST/08/2014
 - Major updates to mp4 parsing code.
 - Updated image cache Picasso library to 2.3.3.
 - Fixes possible crash when browsing files on device.
 - Fixes crash when playing a ringtone (Kindle Fire HD, Android 4.0.3 devices)
 - Fixes Transfer screen rendering issue on startup.
 - Fixes soundcloud track/sets download by url.

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