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I have realized that you show on the members list ... complete with web page immediately you register, and before you make an email confirmation ... I just did it ....

...The member list should be made in accessible for guests for a start .... and unconfirmed members details hidden ... if that is possible.

So the members list is full of spammers who do not need to spam directly to get their websites scraped by search engines and so improve their ranking. By deleting their unused accounts we can do our bit for the internet in a small way. I'll be starting this. Perhaps a web admin could run a SQL to delete all users who haven't fully registered and have a website listed.

Another attack is to hide the members list per Hobo's suggestion or to change user account activation to Admin mode, we would have to ok each one individually. There are a number of phpBB addons we could use to help fight spammers registering but I lack the access for that.

Our last option is good old fashioned manpower. Let's recruit extra mods to fight the tide of spam.

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