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Welcome everybody to the new FrostWire forums.

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-FrostWire Team

Contribute to FrostWire and earn bitcoins immediatly

There are hundreds of issues to be fixed in all our Open Source projects, our desktop app, our android app, our common libraries and our newly released Java libtorrent wrapper API frostwire-jlibbittorrent.

The dynamics of participating in Open Source projects are fascinating, you get to meet and deeply interact with very smart folks by discussing, implementing and ammending ideas, you get to learn about areas of knowledge that are possibly outside the scope of school or work, you learn how others work and you also get to teach.

In the process you will make life lasting friendships and possibly find people to hire if you are an entrepreneur, or get hired by the company of your dreams for doing what you love.

Instant Open Source Funding and Instant Rewards thanks to Bitcoin

We have now added a new incentive that wouldn't have been possible a couple years ago, now when your contribution is merged into the master branches of our projects (desktop, android, and frostwire-jlibtorrent) you will immediatly be paid 1% of the funds available for that project in Bitcoin.

All you need is a account registered at and a Bitcoin address where to receive your tips.

There are now open funds which are completely outside of our control on Bitcoin wallets managed by

You can decide which project to fund, you can also check the balances left and the tips sent to contributors:

frostwire-desktop (bitcoin:1vmWNkp9SPxj4EoJ1mbs1bhQGQCwMf9qd)
frostwire-android (bitcoin:12cNbY9yotLZvs5cfrhj7sBMTaLZaBP5HP)
frostwire-common (bitcoin:1KZk3uLNf6uLGYe3remmNHP3EtqhQsyhbq)
frostwire-jlibtorrent (bitcoin:1L1pRzY7TpbPe7Hz37x8JYodhjssVJtsUS)

as soon as the patch is merged, you will IMMEDIATLY get paid in bitcoins 1% of the remaining funds available for those projects.

It's important to make note that all the bitcoins deposited to those funds are completely outside our control, as these funds will only be released automatically as code contributions are accepted.

If you want to donate directly to FrostWire so that you help us pay for servers, bills, and android testing hardware
you can do so at FrostWire's official Bitcoin address (bitcoin:13hbpRfDT1HKmK4jejHgh7MM9W1NCPFT8v)
or you can donate fiat currency at

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