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Proposal: Ajax IRC Client

edited November 2013 in Team Discussions
Some of you guys have proposed that we instead have an AJAX chat client for FrostWire.

Since we really have not been on the ball maintaining the chat code inside FrostWire, I was thinking about taking action on your suggestion for the ajax chat.

So I propose, we remove the super old java irc client that we have, and when users click on the Chat Icon at the top, we instead open a web browser window that takes users to or where we can have up to date software, web software that'll be a lot easier to maintain.

I'm not very well versed into the IRC world, but I found this client in github, maybe you want to take a look

Ideally whatever client we use, we'll put the code on github for everyone to be able to collaborate.

How about that?

Please CC all mods and ops on this to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

As a result, FrostWire the client, would end up being slightly lighter an certainly having less pieces, simplicity is golden.

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