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FLAC files

How can I download the FLAC files to convert them>


  • sanderssr wrote:
    How can I download the FLAC files to convert them>
    You download a flac file just as your download any other file. In torrents, a file is a file is a file!

    If you select explore on the downloaded torrent, you will be viewing the files in your native system file manager. There are many conversion programs available, some good ones are free. Some quality time with the search engine of your choice should yield several!
  • [quote="Scott1x"
    If you select explore on the downloaded torrent[/quote]

    I simply add FLAC to the Search. e.g. Composer I want "FLAC". This yields only FLAC containing torrents for the specified composer *or, group, etc.).
  • A .FLAC file is a file which contains audio samples compressed with the FLAC audio encoding algorithm, which is a very good, open source, lossless, audio codec.

    Unfortunately FLAC is not widely supported byhardware vendors, so it can happen that your MP3 player won't play FLAC files. In this case you will need to convert them to a more supported format, tipically MP3.

    FreeRIP can do the FLAC to MP3 conversion: first of all switch FreeRIP to Converter mode with View->Converter menu option.

    Once FreeRIP is in Converter mode you can use File->Add files to convert... menu option to build the list of FLAC files to convert. Alternatively you can use Windows drag&drop: drag audio files from a folder and drop them onto FreeRIP window.

    Once the source file list is complete, use Rip menu to convert them in the chosen output format. E.g. select Rip->Convert selected tracks to MP3 to convert selected FLAC files to MP3.

    If you have multiple format audio files to convert to MP3 (or another format), you can add them all to FreeRIP Converter interface and bulk convert them.

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