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Beta Test FrostWire for Android 1.0.8

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If something breaks, please try to submit the crashlog report and let us know what you were doing when the crash happened.
FrostWire 1.0.8 - MAY/25/2013
- New main menu entry to launch "FrostWire TV" app.
- Search algorithm improvement brings better quality and missing search results.
- Local audio files now show album art making local music browsing friendlier.
- Fixes bug where audio player would stop instead of pausing when removing headphones.
- Updated Image caching based on Picasso, better frame rate overall, should see
less Out of memory error reports.
- Fixes bug where the search cache couldn't purge old entries nor it could be deleted.
- Fix for parsing torrents with minor mistakes in trackers list.
- Less intensive HTML detection during torrent parsing
- Added jdk14 logging library.
- Fixes bug where .torrent files and magnets would not open with some file/web browsers.
- Fixes crash reported when there is no access to the image cache folder.
- Fixes crash initializing donations Billing Service.
- Better description for mobile network data usage and bittorrent preferences.
- Removed Google AdMob.
- Added donations request component instead of ads.
- Integrates Offercast offers on installation.

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