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Major Java Security Alert

More Java exploits have been uncovered. If Browser Java is enabled, even visiting an infected site can corrupt your computer and give other's access to your personal data, install key loggers, and conscript you computer to a botnet. This is serious stuff.

Java is so poorly written, like IE, it may be impossible to ever completely secure. However, the latest Java does offer a great new feature that all should enable. Java content in browser can be turned off.

If you are reading this, you NEED java to run FrostWire, and many valuable programs use Java, but you do NOT need java in your browser. Now, do realize that Java and java script are two different things. I have been running w/o browser java for just about forever and I've never missed it.

Hopefully, you already have Version 7 Update 10. If not get it. Then, here's how you disable java in browser.

Using your system search facility, find javacpl.exe and execute it OR go to the control panel and select java.
Either will bring up the Java Control Panel.
Select the security tab.
Uncheck Enable Java content in the browser.
Click apply.

If you have FrostWire 5.5.2, it won't matter if you decide to completely uninstall Java, it'll bring a safe java version of its own that will only be used by FrostWire and which is not affected by any of the exploits people are talking about in the news.

That all there is to it. Enjoy much safer browsing!
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