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moving movies from frostwire to itunes

Hi can anyone help this old granny?
I have down loaded movies to frostwire but do not know how to move them to itunes :?:
please help me in easy steps because i am not gr8 on comp

never mind have managed to suss it out now, thanks anyway all


  • Hi Heather :) iTunes will not play all types of video, and the type I try to go for, and the most widely downloaded by Frostwire users is avi which is one that iTunes will not play. I use vlc to play this type of movie format

    If you are wishing to put movies on a video iPod there are only two formats you can use, (even though some other formats will play, I think, on itunes) and these are H.264 and MPEG-4 This link explains all about them ... solutions/

    If you have a MPEG movie, this should play in iTunes. You must go to the download folder where the file is, most likely your download/save folder, but if you cannot find it highlight the movie in the Frostwire Library, and click explore, and you will find the file. If you right click on the file and select open in iTunes it will do just that (hopefully) and an extra copy might be added to your iTunes music folder, depending how your preferences are set up, so take care you do not have two copies of movies, or you will soon run out of disc space :)

    I keep my options open with movies, and use vlc, itunes or another programme only for mac, and use whichever plays the movie best,

    Converting programmes are available to convert to the two ipod formats, and googling "convert xxxx to mpeg" for example will give many results, but it tends to be a lengthy process to convert large files.

    I hope I haven't confused you too much...I have assumed you are familiar with putting songs onto iTunes, and movies are not too different..... please let me know if you need more help :)
  • thanks for your help i will attempt to try out what you told me, it is much appreciated...Heather
  • Thanks for you detail guide to teach us how to move movies from frostwire to iTunes. Before reading that post, the more that I know about is how to play iTunes movies on non-Apple devices with a DRM removal tool named DRM Media Converter. But now, I can acquired more knowledge about this topic. Happy reading time.

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