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STICKY: Making a chatroom

From the chat section of FrostWire there has been a lot of questions about this. Everything that happens in your room is your responsibility and must follow the network rules, you can insist they follow other rules as well if you like.

Para uma traduçao em portugues veja/For a Portuguese translation of this post see Como criar uma sala

Pick a name for your room. Make it a nice name otherwise it will be hidden or taken from you. It cannot have spaces or commas, one word works best because people can remember it.
I will show you one called Playroom.
In the part of chat where you normally type, type /join #Playroom
Your room has now been created with you as the host. Leaving the room at this point will close it. Anyone who types the same thing will also join it but not as a host.

The most important thing when making a room is to register yourself.
  • Type /nickserv register apassword email@address with a password you make up, and your real email address in those places.
  • If you like to use more than one nickname change to that nickname now and type /nickserv group firstname apassword
    Put the first nickname you registered where it says firstname. Put the same password you used before.
  • If you want to stop anyone else using your nickname type /nickserv set kill on now.
  • Everytime you join the chat it will not recognise you straight away, type /nickserv identify apassword before doing anything else.
  • You must identify yourself with a nickname at least once a week to keep it.

To make the room more permanent you will need to register it.
  • Type /chanserv register #roomname apassword description
    For my example I might type /chanserv register #Playroom secretpass A friendly room. The password does not have to be the same as you used with nickserv, do not share that password with anyone!
  • You are now the owner of the room.
  • Type /topic #roomname Description
    For example, /topic #Playroom Come play in my playroom, I have a ball pit and everything!
  • When you want to close your room for good the command is /chanserv drop #roomname.
  • Sometimes you may need to give your password to gain access to your room, the command is /chanserv identify #roomname password.
  • To see your room in the room list now type /list

This is a good point to add a bot (robot) to look after things when you're not around.
  • Type /botserv botlist
  • At the bottom of chat is a BotServ button, click that and pick a name from the list. I will pick Tuxy.
  • Type /botserv assign #roomname botname
    In my example that would be /botserv assign #Playroom Tuxy
With you and the bot in a room and also a topic made it will now show on the room list. Your friends can easily double click it in the list to join.
Make some of your more trusted friends room hosts so they can help you.
  • Ask them if they have registered, if not they should type /nickserv register apassword email@address like you did earlier.
  • For each friend type /chanserv aop #roomname add nickname
    aop means Auto Operator, the bot will automatically make them host whenever they come back.
  • Instead of aop you can use sop for Super Operator (an admin), hop for Half Operator (a helper) or vop for Voiced Operator (a participant).
  • An admin (sop) can ban an owner (that's you!) from the room so be careful who you choose.
  • If you change your mind use del instead of add.
  • There can only be one registered owner at a time but if you want a temporary owner type /mode #roomname +q nickname to add them and /mode #roomname -q nickname to remove them. They cannot use chanserv like a true owner can and they'll lose it as soon as they leave the room.
  • To transfer ownership to someone else use /chanserv set #roomname founder nickname and then ask them to type /chanserv set #roomname password newpassword to protect the room.
You can remove anyone you like from your chat room and for any reason (just don't be too mean). So will your hosts, they may even kick you!
  • In the room type !k nickname to kick that nickname, they will be able to come back if they want to.
  • In the room type !kb nickname to kick and ban that nickname, they will probably not be able to come back.
  • In the room type !unban nickname to let them back in if you change your mind.
  • If you are banned from a room you have access to type /chanserv unban #roomname.
Finally if you want your room to be for adults with no children or just want a bit of privacy type /mode #roomname +p
To make it hide adult words so it is child safe type /mode #roomname +G


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