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error message

Every time I try to dl either a song or a torent I get a "error:disc read error - outofmemoryerror 0.00 b/s". It does that in the middle of every download multiple times. if I hit the resume button it resumes dl then I get the error message again. It will finish the dl if I click resume like hundred times. So what can be done to fix, thanks.....
I am running android 3.2.1 on a Toshiba thrive tablet with frostwire 5.3.3
And I have plenty of memory left like 14 gigs


  • Hello....... help me out.... no one can help? Isn't there a patch or something? I gotta get this working, I have NO music and this would be awesome if this would start working. H E L P ......... Thank you
  • When Frostwire gets to "50% (Loading Community Chat...)" it simply stop working. The little image stays stuck on the monitor and frostwire doesn`t even show on "Windows Task Manager".
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