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Songs not adding to Iphone or Itunes

I have downloaded some songs and a few of them, when I go to play them through frostwire, it states that this file is unable to play through frostwire and tells me I can use Media Flashplayer. However, the way I add my music to my Iphone and Ipod is through Itunes and these songs will not transfer to or play on my Itunes or Iphone. Is there certain things I need to look for when I download songs or is there a way I can transfer them to make them playable and able to be added to my Itunes and Iphone?


  • It sounds as if these songs are incompatible with iTunes and therefore iPhone.

    It should be a simple matter to search using Google for a conversion tool which will convert the tunes to mp3 so that you can add them to iTunes.

    Please note that sometimes mp3 files need to be re-converted to mp3 in order for this to be possible.

    I can't recommend anything personally if you are a Windows user but if you are using Mac, I could recommend Max from
  • Hello,if you use iTunes to play music,several ways here can help you:
    1.Open the Music app on your iPhone.
    2.Tap the "My Music" tab at the bottom, then "Library" at the top.
    3.Look for the iPhone with a checkmark icon next to your music.
    4.Tap the "..." button next to a song, artist, or album.
    5.Tap the iCloud button to download the song, artist, or album to your iPhone.
    6.Tap the "Artists ∨" heading and toggle "Only Show Downloaded Music" on.
    7.Set your iPhone to listen to streaming music on the go.

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