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Hello forum community!

The staff of FrostWire's chat network are looking to recruit new members to help moderate in #Main and #Support!
We understand that moderation has been lacking for some time, and as it is a purely volunteer job we cannot be around 24/7. If you are feeling up to taking on the responsibility of ensuring #Main is a decent chat room and people are helped in #Support, then send us a detailed message including your registered chat nickname, age, general location, and why you would be a good addition to the team.

When you are ready to submit please email your response to .
DO NOT post it on the forums.

Topics to think about for your message:
  • Knowledge of FrostWire 5 (torrents) ...Experience with 4 (gnutella) is an added bonus
  • Knowledge of IRC (Unreal with Anope Services)
  • Using a real IRC client (mIRC preferred)
  • Scripting knowledge is a plus
  • Ability to show initiative and critical thinking
  • Important values of a staff team
  • Things you might like to change about #Main and/or #Support and explain why

Please answer the following (and quote each question with your answer):
  • Hooray! A terrorist leader was killed. What action might you take against users discussing this?
  • Someone asks you whether he can be prosecuted for sharing files that he purchased. What is your response?
  • A user claiming to be a law enforcement agent wants your testimony regarding an investigation related to FrostWire. What action do you take?
  • You are told another channel has been spamming throughout the network. What do you do?
  • Several people are suggesting JohnSmith is a pedophile. What action do you take?
  • A chatter PMs you without permission. What do you do?
  • Someone floods your PM. How do you react?

We don't expect you to be active every minute, but we are looking for dedicated and available users in order to create a more regular moderation pattern. If you will be unavailable for an extended period of time in the near future, you may choose to apply later instead (with no promise of this offer still being open).

Given the amount of confusion last time, I will clarify that this is a channel op offer, not for a network IRCop position. There may be room for growth over time.

Again, please email your response to .
We do not guarantee that anyone will be accepted or promoted (our decisions are not open to appeal); however, if you are selected we will contact you via email within one month.

Cheers, and good luck!
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