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Frostwire Not In Marketplace/Available For Download

I was really pumped when I bought my android phone a few days ago to put Frostwire on it, but it is not in the Android Marketplace or on the frostwire download website. All it says is "Coming to an Android Near You". I've read a lot of post about just going to that website, and I'm guessing all the people that post it don't actually look at the link to make sure it helps the person. I just want to know why it's not up and working. I understand there is a new version coming out, but can't I get the old one? Help would be greatly appreciated.


  • My understanding is that the old Frostwire for Android will not be a lot of use, if any, which is why it has been withdrawn. The totally new version is nearly complete and as soon as it is, it will be yours.

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