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cant find frostwire in market

Hey I cant locate the frostwire app.
The only things it comes up with when i type in frostwire is "vevo" and one or two others.
Even scanned the QR code to take me directly to it, it said it couldn't locate it.
Whats goin on


  • just noticed the post below mine.
    I hate it when people make ambiguous subject lines!!
    i downloaded it , i'll transfer it to the phone manually.
  • hello,
    you can find it here.
    http:// blah blah indirect link to an unofficial site claiming to be Frostwire BUT NOT.
  • khaled0701024 Thank you so much for posting .. It gives me a chance to say we do not care for your pedalling of unofficial versions of Frostwire. The download link you led us two is a very small .exe file which will no doubt not do a Windows machine much good .... I tend to understate things.

    Please read THIS BLOG ENTRY For more information on bogus and harmful sites claiming to be Frostwire

    Oh and you are banned from the forums, needless to say.

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