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I'm confused

I have the new version of frostwire installed on my pc but every time i download it goes on the older version I have repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled the new version but it keeps happening, I really don't know what to do. Any help would be great.

Thanks :)


  • If you still have the older version installed (4.X ) ( If not skip this and go to the next part), then you need to disassociate its file permissions for torrents - to do this , open up the older version and go to tools > options > advanced > file associations - untick both boxes ( torrent and magnet link ) and check the box to ignore all missing file associations, close the old version.

    Now we need to reassociate the newer version with torrents, find a torrent file on your computer and rightclick it, go to properties and find "Opens with" click "Change" on the right, then go to "Browse" - browse to the Program files > frostwire5 directory and click on the Frostwire.exe and hit the Open button or Enter on your keyboard, it should now be listed in the laucher options, be sure to check the box that says "always use this program etc." for the change to be permanent.

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